The company has three distinct but integrated divisions which clearly define the function and scope of the core business and how each division compliments each other. 

(I)               International Trade & Business Development

As a Professional International firm, we assist and provide consultation to our clients on meeting the challenges and risks associated with International Trade. Our basic strategy is to utilize available resources such as Economic Development Departments or equivalents to obtain most up to date information to enhance decision making.  Working with local governments and cooperating partners to ensure accurate, timely and first hand information.  Market and country information could be disseminated for use by importer and exporter alike to determine whether the goods or services offered are financially feasible in the target market.  

In working with other professionals, we develop training courses and information sessions for importer and/or exporter so our clients are better informed about the processes and documentations that may be required.

We work closely with “like” municipal governments in theUS and abroad to initiate “sister city” agreements to promote bilateral trade and culture.   

(II)           Mergers & Acquisitions

Ameri-Can course of action is to assist clients translate their strategic objectives and investment philosophy into well founded merger and acquisition (M & A) strategies and execute options. We support our clients through harmonizing vast domain expertise with management consulting services to deliver cohesive and objective advice and actionable recommendations on a worldwide basis.  M & A strategies are developed through the identification and/or screening of candidates, conducting due diligence work, formulation and implementation of an integration plan. Our professional lawyers and accountants team research and make recommendations on legal and tax implications pertaining to the transaction.     

(III)        Education

The Education Division has three main functions, namely,

·         International Student recruitment to undertake studies at schools represented in the US;

Ameri-Can is currently representing 29 public colleges and universities, mostly in Arkansas and Missouri, to recruit International students to undertake approved program of studies. Our past five years average success rate in obtaining admittance to first choice school has been in the nineties. 

·         Collaboration between US schools, at all levels, with non US schools;

In conjunction with active International student recruitment through local agents, the firm broker collaboration of academic & cultural exchange programs amongst higher learning institutions in various countries. The focus of collaboration is to achieve the goal of understanding and appreciate the cultural background of students from all participating countries.

·         Curriculum development, Training and evaluation for US schools.

Ameri-Can utilizes the three-throng approach to address assignments in this field, comprehensive research and thus curriculum designing and development, training and evaluation. Comprehensive research enables one to understand a problem or need; course design and development will enhance the customized process specific to meet the needs. Training of trainers is a critical part of the program as it pertains to the effectiveness on delivery methodology. Evaluation in a standardized format to determine objective and consistent assessment of the program, and direction for changes and improvement as needed.    


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