Projects in progress and/or completed


1.    Succeeded in placing over fifteen venture capital funds for North American companies to acquire minority stakes in China State- owned companies.  Later some of the  companies were successfully listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Singapore Stock Exchange.

2.     Acquisition of North American privately owned companies to Asian investors;

3.    Participated in negotiating “sister-city” agreement between the city of St. Louis, Missouri  and city of Wuhan, China;

4.     Participated in the negotiation of “Cooperating city” agreement between the city of St. Louis, Missouri and city of Qingdao, China;

5.    Instigating further cooperation to enhance the “sister city” agreement between City of Little Rock, Arkansas and Changchun, China

6.    One of the Speakers on business forum hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce and US Embassy, Commercial Section, in Mumbai, India.

7.    Interviewed by MSNBC in Asia on business development and education opportunity for Asian  citizens in North America;

8.    Project leader in CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) projects in Thailand and China;

9.    Recruited hundreds of international students to undertake undergraduate and graduate programs at public colleges and Universities in Missouri and Arkansas;

10.  Curriculum development, training of mentors and program delivery (distance learning) at community colleges in Arkansas;

11. Organized delegations from various Chinese Provincial Government Education departments to attend week long short-term training at Rockefeller Training Center  (University of Arkansas System, Petit Jean Mountain, AR) and visits to major Corporations in Arkansas such as WalMart, Tyson Foods, Acxiom and Dillard’s.

12. In preparation of Chinese Language instruction curriculum, standards, training and evaluation methodology to Arkansas Department of Education, Universities and Colleges for inclusion of courses to be offered during school year for credit.

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